During the era of Napoleon Bonaparte, a Noble, Royal and Rich couple: Marcos Cario Tancredi Falletti Di Barolo (Italian) and Marchioness Giulia Colberto Falleti Di Barolo (French), were led by the Divine Intervention of God, to start the Institution of The Sister of St. Ann in 1834, for the cause of education of children and youth and to give them a sound moral character.

She as the co-founder continued the work of the Founders in guiding the Sisters and the institution. She lived a very holy life and even while on earth, worked many miracles because of her faith in God.

“Let the children come to me, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”

These words of Jesus stirred up the mind and heart of a royal and rich couple, the Founders of the Sisters of St. Ann, when they saw the children who were left on the streets of Italy, without any parental love, without a home and without any aim in life, they decided to bring these children into their own palace which could be the only way to save them from illiteracy and aimless living through the offering of their love.

The mission of education according to the vision of the Founders ventured in 1834 in Italy, which was extended to many parts of the world, was also launched in Rudrapur in 1992.

The Congregation has its schools in almost all the states in India and in the following countries: Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Cameroon, Argentina, U.S.A., and the United Kingdom.