The School year begins in April and ends in March.

Boys and Girls are admitted to this institution. The birth certificate should be produced at the time of registration. Once entered in the school register, the date of birth will not be changed. Pupils having attended another school cannot be admitted, even for a short time, without a Transfer certificate.

Admission to the School is restricted by conditions of age conduct and an entrance test. The Principal reserves the right to refuse any of the applications without having to assign reason for his/her decision.

For all fresh admission to classes a certified true copy of the following should be produced in the office. (a) Birth Certificate, (b) Caste Certificate. The original of the above certificate must be produced whenever asked for.

At the time of admission, the student should be personally introduced by their parents/guardians who will be responsible to the school authorities for their studies, fees, conduct, regularity and discipline.

No. admission is complete until the Leaving Certificate from the previous recognized school is produced. If the pupils come from another State, the Learning certificate should be countersigned by the concerned D.E.O.